There are high qualified employees, who are experts in the field: thanks to them CEV Chengdu is considered a leader for technology and innovation.
CEV has obtained ISO 9001 certification to supply the best service to our customers, and we do always our best to improve the quality of our products.
We set up a professional laboratory to provide a wide range of tests, such as VIBRATION TEST, SHOWER SPRAY TEST, THERMAL SHOCK TEST and SOLARIZATION TEST. Through all these tests we can guarantee a full respect of our customers’ technology and quality requirements.
CEV has an internal and complete manufacturing process in order to guarantee high quality level of products through the application of a strict, efficient and direct control system. Our process includes: plastic injection shop, ultrasonic welding equipment, vacuum metallization system, silicon dispensing system,photometric laboratory. All these processes are supervised by our high qualified experience in order to guarantee the best results in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.